Strawberry Time
It's Strawberry Time!
Posted on 02/06/2017
StrawberriesThe annual Lawrence County Bands Strawberry Sale will kick off  Monday, February 6th.
Final Orders Due:  Wednesday, March 15th
Delivery Date: Wednesday, March 22nd

Available this year is:
8 Pint Open Flat,
Roughly 8 1/2 lbs. of fruit      See the above attachment.

The 12 Pint Open Flat provided in the past is no longer available.
Prices have been adjusted to reflect this change.

Please place orders with Lawrence County Band students.

If you do not know a student in the band and wish to place an order,
feel free to call or email me and we will make arrangements to get your order.

Thank you for supporting our Lawrence County Bands!  

Scott Smith
Director of Bands
Lawrence County High School
Louisa Middle School/Blaine School

606-638-9676  LCHS